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All your questions answered. Please read FAQ's before you book with us.

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What is Chauffeur Live?

At Chauffeur Live, we help connect Travelers [passengers] with drivers without the hassle of wait or uncertainty. With our easy-to-use website passengers get licensed vehicles quickly and efficiently. Chauffeur Live facilitates pre-booked Time Booking facilities only via its web site and by phone. We are currently not providing any Ready now bookings. Chauffeur Live is not a transportation company nor does it employ any drivers. At Chauffeur Live we facilitate a range of cars for hire including luxury hire cars, luxury taxis and economy cars. The hire prices are very affordable for the luxury they provide. Services of Chauffeur Live can be accessed via our easy to book sections within our website. Our App can be accessed anywhere in the world. Passengers can become members from any part of the world.

Chauffeur Live specialises on providing airport to CBD transfers and Travel to airport early in the mornings. Our specific services include Melbourne Airport Transfers, Sydney Airport transfers, Brisbane airport transfers, Gold coast airport transfers, Adelaide Airport transfers, Perth airport transfers, Brisbane airport transfers, Auckland airport transfers, Wellington airport transfers, Christchurch airport transfers, Hobart airport transfers and Launceston airport transfers. We serve from / to all airports in Australia and New Zealand to CBD or anywhere else.

Melbourne Limo Transfers, Sydney Limo Transfers, Brisbane Limo Transfers, Adelaide Limo Transfers, Gold Coast Limo Transfers, Adelaide Limo Transfers, Perth Limo Transfers, Darwin Limo Transfers, Auckland Limo Transfers, Wellington Limo Transfers and Christchurch Limo Transfers are our speciality.

Chauffer Live provides Airport to city transfers in all major cities in Australia and New Zealand, as well as city to Airport transfers being the cheapest and economical for total pricing for the luxury travel provided.

Why should I use Chauffeur Live?

Chauffeur Live provides most economical and cheap total price with no hidden extras (such as tolls, parking, credit card surcharge fees and the like). We quote fixed fares and provide prompt, professional service 24x7. We currently provide pre-booked services only. We cater for special events such as weddings, and special sporting events such as Rugby, Cricket and Footy games, Melbourne Cup racing carnival etc. We provide services in all of Australia and New Zealand. Anyone can book our services from overseas to travel in Australia and New Zealand.

Our services are also called Limousine transfers or Limo Transfers. We are here to service your needs to travel to airports from CBD or your home or travel from home / CBD to airports. Our Limo Services are carried out by professional, experienced and well-groomed drivers.

We also cater for any special needs you may have such as weddings, sporting events, Racing carnival travel and the like. As these events are busy times, please book early to ensure you have access to our vehicles when you need them. We provide services 24x7.

We provide for Corporate clients and their transfers from office to Airports and vice versa. We can provide pre-determined regular travels for corporate clients. Corporate clients can contact us directly on our direct phone numbers.

We provide Limo / Chauffeured cars for all overseas visitors that want to travel in Australia or New Zealand or any country we are operating in. We provide specialised meet and greet services in the airport so that overseas visitors will not get lost. We provide all assistances for them for travelling in Australia / New Zealand.

Chauffeur Live can also organise site seeing tours in safe comfortable vehicles through out Australia and New Zealand. Our prices are the best and economical and cheap total all inclusive prices comparing Taxi's in major cities. No Taxi or UBER like services can provide meet and greet services in airports like we can.

How can I contact Chauffeur Live?

For general enquiries, please first check in at our Help Desk. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, maybe want to report an issue, or just feel like sharing with us a great experience you have had with Chauffeur Live, drop us a line using our Contact Form in our Contact Us section of our web site and our Client Services team will get back to you asap.

Is my personal information secure?

We take the security of your personal information very seriously. It is stored securely via certificated encrypting systems and we will follow the Chauffeur Live published privacy policy which is available in our Website.

We also use PCI compliant service payment provider who meets all safety regulations according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to store your credit card information. And if you think that sounds all official and very secure, that is because it is.

How much does it cost?

Access to our website and any Applications are free and required registration to book travels.

The pricing is included up front in our Web site. This provides an estimate of the fare you would expect to pay. Some additional extras may be applicable, if you request specialised services. These have been included in our Web site.

Please refer to our website (Terms and Conditions) for more detailed information.

We do not have surge pricing and we do not charge extra during high peak demand times. We always provide fair fares to our customers. We provide the most inexpensive travels during the peak period compared to others.

Our drivers will wait 10 minutes (15 min/45 min for Dom/Int Airports) for free when they arrive at the pickup location and advise you of their arrival via mobile phone. You need to keep you mobile phone switched on to receive this notification. However, you may directly contact the Driver and make mutually suitable time arrangements if you so desire. The Driver mobile number will be sent to you with the booking conformation.

Our drivers do not charge a " Run In Fee " (in other words, they do not start the journey while on route to picking you up) and once they reach the pickup location, and have let you know they are there, they will wait for 10/15/45 minutes before starting the journey, unless otherwise agreed with you.

How do I access Chauffeur Live services?

  • The Chauffeur services can be accessed via our website and by calling us directly on the call number provided in our website.
  • Our website can be accessed via mobile devices and bookings can be done via our website and by calling us directly.
  • There are no downloading required. Just access our website, register and book a travel.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

The payments are only by credit cards nominated during registering with us. You do not need to carry any cards as payments with be deducted automatically. The system of payment is cashless. You cannot pay the Driver by cash or card at the end of the trip. If your debit card is used as a credit card then it can be used during the registration process. However, cards associated with savings and checking accounts cannot be used for registration purposes.

What is the minimum fare?

The minimum charge is AUD 29.00 for standard Chauffeured Vehicles and higher for other types of vehicles. Please refer to our Website Terms and Conditions for details

Does it work on an iPad or mobile phone?

Yes, you can access our web site via iPad and /or mobile phone. This is a mobile enabled website.

What vehicles options can I choose from?

At the time of making a booking, available vehicles that we facilitate will be shown and you can obtain a fixed fare for the selected vehicle. Extras apply for baby seats (AUD 29.00 flat rate), facilitate use of foldable wheel chairs (No extra charge) meet and greet at the airport (No extra charge). On booking the selected type, if the selected vehicle is not available, we will let you know as soon as possible and give you an option to select another type.

Any special services that Chauffeur Live offers?

We offer many special services that no others offer. Namely, affordable luxury vehicles, advance fixed price bookings, baby seat, child seats, special needs (foldable wheel passenger service), airport meet and greet, booking from interstate or overseas, commercial vehicles with professional safe drivers, safe, clean and luxury cars, uniform transparent pricing without surge pricing during peak demand periods (we are the cheapest best cars during peak demand times) and wide selection of cars for you to choose.

I am going to the airport, can I use Chauffeur Live?

Yes indeed. You can use the web site to book well ahead on our Time Booking (advance booking) Service. We are currently not providing Ready Now booking service. You may book through our website or call us directly 24x7.

Can I book by calling a phone number or SMS?

Yes indeed. You can book by our Chauffeur Live web site (Advance Time Bookings only) or by calling 1300 255 455 within Austrlia and by calling +61490471600 from overseas.

Can I book a travel for a friend?

Yes, you can. For Time Booking you can have multiple bookings. All notifications will come to your phone only. It will be best if you ask your friend to register with Chauffeur Live to avoid any booking confusions.

Will my driver wait for me?

Yes your driver will wait a maximum period of 10 minutes from the time of the pick-up time at the pick-up location (15 min/45 min for Dom/Int Airports). He will alert you as soon as he arrives at the pick-up location. Please communicate with the driver via the mobile phone if you are going to get late. We would have sent you the driver mobile phone if you had requested it.

Which airports are covered by fixed price?

All our fares are fixed and very competitive, regardless of which airport we operate from. We operate Australia wide. Our luxury car fixed fares are very close to the total taxi fares. We can take you to any location within Australia and New Zealand currently.

How do I request a car?

It is very easy. You may book the car by registering as a traveler and use our web site to book an Advance Booking (Time Booking), if you want to travel any time in advance we prefer you book early as possible so that we can meet your travel requirements without any changes Our services are available for only registered users. Please pre-register for our services.

Should I tip my driver? How much?

No there is no need for tipping the driver. However, due to his / her exceptional services you wish to tip, you may do so. The amount is entirely up to you. However, we would recommend that you limit your tips to no more than 20% of the actual fare. You can pay him cash or by card (if he can accept cards).

How do I contact my driver?

You can contact your driver by the contact details provided by Chauffeur Live at the time of your travel confirmation. You may call him directly and discuss if you need any variations. Our drivers are very compliant and more than likely will oblige any reasonable requests you may have.

I have special pick up requirements, what do I do?

Yes we can cater for special requirements when you make Advance Bookings (child seats, baby seats, foldable wheel chair transport and extra luggage). However, you need to indicate these well ahead so that we can ensure we can serve you best.

I cannot find my car?

No problems. Please call your driver on his mobile phone number we have provided to you. If he is getting late, he will let you know straight away. We have requested all our drivers to make contact with customers in the event that they have issues, delays etc. to keep the customers at all times.

When do I pay the driver?

There are no payments to be made to the Driver. All payments are pre-paid at the time of booking. Your credit card that was used during the registration period will be charged at the time of booking.

Why should I rate my driver?

It is up to you to decide what number of stars you would give. Best service attracts 5 stars and poor service one star. If you have a problem with the driver and you have given poor rating, please let us know why you have done so. We will endeavour to rectify the issue and ensure as soon as possible. Please use our Contact Us section.

How do I know which car is for me?

You would have been notified you of your car and driver details when we confirmed your booking. Please keep these handy.

Can I cancel my car?

Yes of course. Please check the cancellation charges and conditions in our web site within the Terms and Conditions section.

Can I change my payment method?

Yes, you can let us know the changes you are proposing to do. We can change your details. However, you cannot pay by credit card or cash to driver.

How can I cancel my booking?

You may cancel your booking via our website. However, cancellation charges may apply. Please refer to Terms and Conditions Section for more detailed information.

What are the cancellation fees?

Please read our cancellation policy and charges in our Terms and Conditions section in our website.

Do you provide any fixed priced travels?

Yes, all our travels are fixed price travels. Prices can be obtained from our website or by calling us direct.

I am stuck, how long will the car wait for me?

The car will wait up to 15 minutes from your nominated pick-up time or up to 15 minutes from the time the driver has arrived at your pick-up location (which ever comes later). The Driver will wait until this time and if you don't either contact the driver or do not turn up, then this will be considered a " no show " and you will be charged full cancellation charges. If you are going to be late, please contact the Driver and let him know. This will avoid your trip being started without you or cancelled because you did not turn up on time.

If my friends or I accidently cause damage to the hire car what should I do?

You are liable to pay for rectification of the damage or clean up-bill and must pay the Driver. For Example if you vomit in the car after a night out, you will be required to pay for the clean-up of the car. If you also cause damage to the car due to your fault, you have to pay the driver to repair the car. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions in our website regarding your liability.

If I book a car for my friends and there is damage to the car am I still responsible and liable to pay for damages?

Yes, you are liable to pay as you are the hirer of the car.

What is Chauffeur Live Time booking?

Time Booking is same as advance booking or Pre-booking. This is a service we provide so that you could book ahead of time and have the peace of mind that vehicle will arrive when you really need the vehicle. You need book as early as possible so that we can allocate a vehicle for you. We do not provide Ready Now Booking service currently. Please do not forget to read our cancellation policy before you pre-book.

How does pre-booking work?

You just select "Time Booking " in the website, nominate time and place of pick-up and any special requirements. For airport pickups, you need to nominate flight details and local pick up time. Please read cancellation policy before you book.

When can I pre-book?

You need to pre-book as soon as your travel requirements are known to you. We will endervour to serve you best when you give us enough time.

Is there a minimum fare on pre-booked trips?

Yes. The minimum fare is AUD 29.00 for standard Vehicles and more for other types of vehicles. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions in our website.

Are toll fees and airport pick-up fees charged extra?

These are included in the final fare we quote. There are no extras payable for this service. We do not charge any credit card surcharges to our customers. However, waiting charge may apply if pick up is delayed by customer.

How much do I pay for requesting baby seat / child seat?

We charge a fee of A$ 10.00 for each seat.

Is there a booking fee?

No there are no booking fees.

How much does the service cost?

Our website has transparent pricing.

Are there set fares?

Yes all our fares are set fares and do not vary. However, if you make route or time amendments, extra charges apply. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions in our website.

Can I pay by cash?

No you cannot pay by cash. All payments will be deducted automatically from your credit card at the end of the trip. You need to be a registered user of our service.

Can I choose my vehicle type?

Yes you can choose your Vehicle type. If we cannot find a suitable vehicle, we will give you the option to change the vehicle type so that we are able to serve you.

Can I pre-book to go to the airport?

Yes of course. We serve Australia and New Zealand wide. So you can book from any part of the world to travel within these countries to go from anywhere to anywhere. Please call us for additional information.

Can I pre-book a car if I am carrying a foldable wheelchair?

Yes you can. But only constraint is our hire cars cater only for foldable wheel chairs provided by the Customer. We do not provide any foldable wheel chairs. We are unable to provide services to customers with fixed wheel chairs. Our service of foldable wheel chairs is available for Time Bookings. Our drivers will help you to board and un-board the vehicle. No additional charges apply for this service.

Can I pre-book for others?

Yes of course. You can pre-book as many vehicles you need. However, all notifications will be issued to you. It may be wise for them to register with Chauffeur Live directly. Multiple bookings are not available in Ready Now booking case.

When will I receive my driver details?

As soon as the Chauffeur Live system finds a driver that has accepted your booking, our system will provide you with Driver contact details. You may immediately contact your driver.

What if I need to change the details of my journey?

Yes, to change the details of your journey [including number of baby seats, luggage, pick-up time and the like) you will need to cancel the existing booking and re-book again. Please read our cancellation policy included in our Terms and Conditions, before you make a cancellation. Please be aware that the Time Booking cancellation charges apply depending on when you make these changes. Any changes 12 hours prior to pick-up time does not incur any charges. However, any changes less than 12 hours prior to pick up time will incur charges. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions in our website.

What happens if my driver arrives early?

Please always contact driver and check his expected time of arrival at least 1/2 hour before the pick-up time. You are not obliged to start the journey any earlier than your nominated pick-up time.

What happens if my driver does not arrive at my requested time?

Please always contact driver and check his expected time of arrival at least 1/2 hour before the pick-up time. This will give you enough time to cancel the journey and re-book another vehicle.

How do I cancel a Pre-booked trip?

It is easy to cancel the trip via our web site. Please read the cancellation provisions within the Terms and Conditions included in our website before you do so.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. Please read our cancellation charges section within Terms and Conditions included in our website.

I got in the wrong vehicle

We cannot do much about this. You need to ensure that the vehicle that we advised you is the vehicle that you should travel. Please confirm with the driver whether it is the correct travel. It is possible that the driver might be the correct person, but the vehicle may be different because the driver had to change the vehicle due to some other reason. Please communicate with your driver.

Why cannot find any drivers in my area?

Due to heavy demand or your requirement for specific vehicle, we may not be able to fulfil your request. However, we would be able to find a suitable travel for you. Please check other vehicle types available in our system if your choice is not available.

I cancelled my travel but my card has still been charged

Please refer to our cancellation policy within the Terms and Condition in our website. If we have made an error, and your claim is in accordance with the agreed cancellation policy, we will refund any dues in accordance with the refund policy stated in our Terms and Conditions section.

My car has not arrived

This may be possible due to traffic conditions and other circumstances beyond the driver control. Please call your driver and discuss options with him.

The driver had his meter on when I boarded?

There are no meters in Chauffeur Live assigned vehicles. The Chauffeur Live fare is pre decided at the time you booked your travel. If you change the destination, then we reserve the right to charge extra as appropriate. Furthermore, if you are late more than 10 minutes and have not communicated with the driver prior, then the driver may assume that it is a " no show " and we will charge a full cancellation fee. If there are any issues, please take it up with the Driver. If you are unable to resolve the issue directly with Driver, please reach out to us via the Contact Us section

My card was charged but my car never arrived?

Please ensure that you have communicated with your Driver. Please read our cancellation policy and 'No show' policy. Any issues, please communicate with us via Contact Us section

I have a question about my fare

Our fares are fixed fares and agreed with you during you booking stage. We cannot alter charges after the travel. Please also read the Terms and Conditions in which we provide more information on fares. Please contact us via Contact Us section if you have further queries.

I have been charged for a journey I do not remember

Please contact us via our website and we can assist.

I have left something in the car, how can I get it back?

Please contact the Driver and get him to return or check. We cannot take responsibility for this.

I forgot to rate my driver, can you do it on my behalf?

Unfortunately, we cannot.

I have forgotten something on the way to the airport. Will my driver turn back?

Yes of course. You will incur additional charges in addition to the agreed fixed fee.

I have a complaint about my driver. What can I do?

Please send us an e-mail and we will investigate. Please contact us via Contact Us section.

I am a wheelchair user, can I display this in my preferences?

Yes we cater to your needs as long as the when chair is of foldable type. We cannot carry fixed wheel chairs as our Drivers do not have special license for this.

Can I claim back GST on my trip?

Please contact your accountant to clarify this. We do not provide any advice on your personal circumstances. Our fares includes GST.

I have a question about charges on my account

Please contact us via our Contact Us section. We will address as soon as possible.

How do I set my auto tip?

There is no need to tip our drivers. If you want to tip drivers, then please do so directly with the driver. Chauffeur Live system has no provision for accepting tips to pay to drivers.

I enjoyed Chauffeur Live, how can I spread the word?

Please do spread the word through social media, provide your comments to us via Contact Us section, and just ask your friends and family to register for Chauffeur Live services.

I have changed my phone number, how do I update this information?

Please let us know via the Contact Us section. We can update your information.

I do like to use a different email address, how can I change the one I have registered?

Please let us know via the Contact Us section. We can update your information.

I do like to use a different credit card?

Yes. Please let us know via the Contact Us section. We can update your information.

Can I register multiple credit cards?

Yes, you can add any number of credit cards. However, you have to nominate a " default" credit card from which the travel fares will be deducted. If you want to use another credit card, then you need to nominate the other card as your default card.

Are there any provisions for me to book travels from interstate or overseas?

Yes indeed. We are the only company in the world that allows you to make 'Time Bookings' from anywhere in the world to obtain services in cities where we are present. At the time of making the booking, you can select the city, provide flight details and local time for pickup. We will ensure our professional driver will be there to pick you up and take you to your destination. The payment for the travel is automatically deducted from your credit card. You do not need to worry about finding taxis at the airport. We will provide you meet and greet service at the airport.

For example, from the website one can find out the cities where we are present. Say we are present in Melbourne. You can be a Chauffeur Live registered customer in London and can advance book car in Melbourne via our website. If you have any special requirements such as baby seats, child seats etc. we can provide to comply with the city laws. Our drivers will provide you a meet and greet service. We are present all over Australia and New Zealand

What is a meet and greet service in airports? Is this available to me?

Meet and greet service is where the passenger is met by our professional drivers at the airport when they come out after the customs and immigration clearance area. The driver will have your name on a placard/tablet and wait for you. He will help you with your luggage and escort you to his vehicle and take you to your destination. This service is available to all of our registered customers that travel from interstate or overseas to any destination where we are present. There is no extra charge for this service.

Please refer to our cancellation policy terms and conditions for delay in flights and how they will be handled.